• Shirley J. Davis

    Shirley J. Davis

    I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.

  • Junaid Abbasi

    Junaid Abbasi

    Full Stack JavaScript developer | Data | Programming đź‘ľ

  • Suzie Glassman

    Suzie Glassman

    Climbing Mt. Everest with a keyboard. https://bit.ly/3vEztLS to follow. suzieglassmancoach@gmail.com to chat.

  • Alain Marie

    Alain Marie

    Out of the box thinker… Readerholic…Blogger commando

  • Vasiliki Saplaoura

    Vasiliki Saplaoura

  • Alex Arpala

    Alex Arpala

    Woman Life / Guides and reviews / Education.

  • Esferasoftsolutions


    UI/UX design, #webservices, #digitalproducts, #readytolaunch products #AI & #chatbotsolutions, #MobileApp development, Visit: https://www.esferasoft.com/

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