2020 was a year filled with disarray and letdowns. The food and beverage industry did face some difficult times too. However, it witnessed immense growth in trends that were budding before the pandemic wreaked havoc on the world.

Today, the vaccine is in sight and public fear has decreased to a large extent. However, it is unlikely that we’ll ever go back to the old normal. The traditional restaurant experience as we know it might just have changed forever.

With online ordering and food delivery becoming essential for restaurant survival, digital technologies, 2021 is full of promises for the virtual…

Online Ordering System for Restaurants
Online Ordering System for Restaurants

The food and beverage industry constantly witnesses new developments in tech and marketing. It is a competitive space, and restaurants need to be on their toes to keep the business afloat.

As more and more restaurants have decided to offer only food delivery and cut out in-house dining altogether, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for different strategies that can help you increase online sales. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 5 strategies to help you set up your restaurant for success.

Personalized Packaging

By elevating the customer experience, you can easily stand out from…

The demand for contactless delivery has gone through the roof in the last year. This has led to a dramatic increase in take-out and restaurants all over the world have had to make some quick changes. For starters, fine dining and cafes that heavily relied on in-house dining have now been forced to open their doors for takeout and curbside pickup, whilst providing the convenience of online ordering.

Given the current demand for a takeout, popular restaurant chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack have invested quite a bit in contactless drive-thrus. Sweetgreen, another famous American food chain plans to open…

2020 was one hell of a ride, like literally! But 2021 would hopefully be better, not because we have found a cure or a vaccination to curb the virus, but we have definitely learned to live with it. COVID-19, like any other flu, is going to become ubiquitous in our lives, and whether we like it or not, we’ll have to keep the masks on, for an indefinite time. The NEW WORLD that everyone has been talking about, has arrived and how!

Speaking of the new world, the restaurant industry has seen a great shift in the pandemic world. The…

What’s the best way to fulfill online orders — third-party delivery or self-delivery? One of the most common questions asked by the restaurateurs as online ordering and delivery explode into the mainstream.

A few months back, when restaurants were already struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a viral post by a Chicago Pizzaiolo had people shocked over delivery fees charged by GrubHub. The screenshot of a payment summary clearly showed how the restaurant had earned $1,042.63 for selling 46 pizzas but was paid only $314 at the end of the month by GrubHub. The platform charged the Pizzeria…

With market-disrupting technologies touching every aspect of our lives, the restaurant industry seems to be in a flurry of change too!

Technology has always been on the giving end. It’s our prerogative as a business whether or not we want to make use of technology and innovations that are available to us for our own benefit. We all have been through a situation where we shun new products without even trying to understand their implications and the benefits they offer to our business. And we all have been guilty of this laxity. …

By James Hale

For as long as we, Millenials, can remember, Facebook has been an integral part of our lives and would continue to be. I was about 14 when Facebook first launched its operations in India, and I remember, how each student in my university was talking about this “New” social networking platform. Connecting with friends, family, and looking for old, long lost friends to reminisce about the old times. Really, it was like a magic wand that was bringing us closer to everyone, we had ever met or were about to meet in our lives.

Fast forward to 2020, Facebook has…

A menu is a key that connects a restaurant with its customers. Adding beautiful imagery to it can make a whole lot of difference!

With the threat of a complete shut-down hanging over all the restaurants and food businesses due to current circumstances, many have found technology to be their ultimate hope. Restaurants are heavily relying on digital assets to secure orders.

However, getting online and having a digital menu doesn’t guarantee sales. What guarantees sales are the images of the dishes that you put next to each item. Today’s customers want visual proof of satisfaction before they shell out…

Looking to upgrade your online ordering system with a contactless ordering solution? Who isn’t? Contactless Ordering has become paramount for the restaurant industry since the dawn of the pandemic, and any restaurant that isn’t providing their customers the assurance of safe ordering and delivery is making a fatal mistake.

According to a Mastercard study, 80% of patrons prefer to order food online only from those restaurants that offer contactless ordering. Not only it helps them feel safe but also ensures the safety of the drivers and the restaurant staff that contribute to the ecosystem.

So apart from fulfilling the demand…

Kitchen-as-a-service business model for restaurants industry

After SaaS, it’s KaaS for the restaurant industry — where Less is More!

Low Risk, Low Investment, and High Returns!

The advent of revolutionary technologies had made the concept of Kitchen as a Service (KaaS) a reality today. With increased access to rentable commercial kitchen spaces and higher availability of technology stack, Kitchen as a Service (KaaS) is turning out a no-brainer to implement. Companies such as Cloud Kitchens, Food Starts, Kitsch Kitchen are already on the path to revolutionize the restaurant industry with their KaaS-based offerings.

Decoding Restaurant as a Service (KaaS):

As the name suggests, KaaS providers provide a well-equipped, ready-to-use kitchen to anyone…

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